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Europe's General Data Protection Regulation

Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25th,'s programmers is working hard to make the website compliant with it. From today, after the login operation, you will be redirected to a page where you have to give consent the process of your personal data. This will only be a few moments, thank you so much for your cooperation. widget developers worked hard to restore the full widget functionality. Now the options search / on air / qso map / dxcc plate / custom colors / hide time / hide callsign / show comment are working again.
New code doesn't use javascript as requested by new security policy.

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F6FLU EA7RZ 09:16FT8 
DJ6SX LX1JX 09:16FT8 
RK6ART HF9ZZ 09:16FT8 
EA1DWI EA3VM 09:15FT8 
HA1RB SP5GLK 09:15FT8 
EA5WO EA3EWO 09:15FT8 
EC7AT 9H3SV 09:15FT8 
LA3EUA Z32ZM 09:15FT8 
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IK2XDE Number of countries104
PY2VA Best QSL card5
UA3GT Numbers of QSO1,613
VK7XX Sum distance4,366,376
YB5QZ Max distance19,903
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DIGIFEST (1') from 2 Jun 04:00
SEANET from 2 Jun 12:00
DIGIFEST (2') from 2 Jun 20:00
DIGIFEST (3') from 3 Jun 12:00

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Welcome to G7JWY
HRDLOGnet: We have a new user. Welcome to DG1AS


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